Wetwood Mole

Traditional Mole Catcher

Email: wetwoodmole@gmail.com

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I am Moving from Wetwood.

Not too far away so if you have a mole problem please call my mobile or send me a text.

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Nothing hidden 



Hello, my name is Ian and I live in Wetwood Eccleshall. I have been trapping moles for many years in the traditional way.


Trapping the traditional way is the only way to prove that the moles are removed and therefore control has truly happened unlike electronic solar gimmicks, smoke and gasses. The problem with gas is there is a very high possibility that the mole has back filled the tunnel due to detecting the gas that has changed the atmosphere within the tunnel system resulting in the mole moving out of the vicinity and giving the illusion that it has been gassed.


I give a transparent view of what was there and proves the accountability of the service.

Obviously not everyone wants a mole placed on the door step so the proof of the catch can be emailed or agreed upon acceptance of the service.


Pricing is very fair and honest coupled with a friendly reliable service.


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Charges for Mole services

Nothing hidden here........... I am happy to openly tell you what I charge from start to finish......... refreshing? 

No, just honesty up front.


What I charge for my services:


1st Mole caught                 £40


Any additional mole

 there after                          £15


Don't be put off by loads of mole hills in your garden, the chances are it could just a few moles!


Additional mole price is for a 7 day period after the last mole has been caught to ensure you are clear of moles. 

 So if you have any new molehills appear  within 7 days then trapping resumes and the additional mole rate of £15 applies per additional mole caught within this trapping period.


Mileage is charged extra at 20p per mile for distance travelled to and from the area being treated.